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The Sessions

SOUL WORK SESSIONS @ £30 per session (also available on-line)

If you feel lost, confused or simply need help to see the big picture, then Soul Sessions are absolutely perfect for you. Join me for a deep dive into your energy to reconnect with your spiritual path, gain clarity about your Soul’s purpose and move forward with confidence. I design these sessions specifically for you;

Soul and Shadow.jpg

They are deep, powerful, honest and positive guidance sessions to support you in reconnecting with yourself, your purpose and the impact you can have on others. Included in these sessions are:-

Spiritual guidance - An insightful blend of channeling, intuition, psychic guidance and tarot wisdom all carefully tailored to your specific concerns.

Powerful energy work - Understand the energetic entanglements affecting your life, take control of your own personal ecosystem with clarity and confidence.


Holistic life coaching - Integrate your Soul Session experience in your everyday life so that you can benefit from tangible, sustained and consistent change.

Then we have:-

SHADOW WORK SESSIONS @ £30 per session (also available on-line)


In these sessions you will get in touch with and heal those parts of your unconscious self, the parts that you are insecure about, ashamed of or frustrated with and have therefore repressed, often since childhood. These sessions will help create a profound shift in behaviour, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being.

Included in these sessions will be:-

Discovery of your core psychological and behavioural patterns that underlie your issues.

Trauma will be released, resolutions found and situations re-framed.

By bringing these parts out of shadow in a safe, experiential setting, I will help you unlock the power of our true self, with all your gifts and strengths.

If you are interested in either of these sessions or just want to know more, please send me a message on 07754475848 and we can have a chat about how I can tailor the sessions specifically for you

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