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The link between mental health issues and weight problems

As we all know it has been proved that there is a link between mental health issues (such as Stress, Anxiety or Depression) to being Overweight.

Australian Scientists have in the past identified eighteen categories of reasons for weight problems and split them into four sub groups. One of these categories is physiological and will require medical examination, whilst the remainders are all psychological in nature and therefore can be resolved through therapy.

Sub groups:-

Compensatory: lack of warmth; lack of sex; unsatisfactory sex; past hunger (famine); foregoing cigarettes.

Environmental: Misery; lack of comfort; modelling; to repel intimacy; identity problems.

Education: Dietary ignorance; peer pressure; habit; rejection of exercise; over feeding as a baby; famine mentality.

Physical: Glandular malfunction(s); brain tumours and illnesses such as cancer etc.

As mentioned above the physical issues require medical examination, but the remainder must be investigated and resolved if the intention is to lose weight with long term success.

If you recognise any of the above reasons within yourself and need help in achieving your weight loss goals, please give me a call….

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