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What does a Tarot Reading entail....?

Scenario: - You walk through my front door for the first time, you’re not sure what to expect….. my candles will probably be lit and incense will be burning. My house is slightly quirky and I have a LOT of Crystals and strange Witchy Art. You will be greeted noisily by two old Jack Russell's (Burt and Alfie) and Burt will probably sit with you throughout the reading (as he likes to make his guests feel comfortable).

You will sit on my leather sofa alongside Burt and myself and I will hand you my tarot cards, they are well loved and well used and some are a little frayed around the edges and they are slightly larger than you’d imagined. Nervously, you begin to shuffle, wondering what the cards might have to say about your future. Will you meet a tall dark stranger? Will the Death card make an appearance? Will your ex come back? You place the cards in three piles as directed and then I begin the reading, your future is in my hands…….

Here are a few stereotype-busting pieces of information you need so you won’t be surprised (or disappointed) at your reading:

You’ll be treated with respect, friendliness, and kindness. I have a sincere desire to help you. (That’s why I got into this work).

You’ll feel comfortable telling me your situation because I won’t judge you. (I have my own skeletons).

Complete confidentiality. Your secrets are safe with me. (PS I normally forget anyhow).

If you are brand new to Tarot, I will explain a little bit about the history of Tarot, how I read and will answer any questions you have.

You can record your session if you like.

If something negative comes up in the reading, I will help you to find strategies; I am a qualified Psychotherapist so I can really help! And remember you are always in control of your life – life doesn’t just “happen” to you.

I cannot foretell your death (it’s only a 6 – 18 month reading), and the Outcome is never ever set in stone.

Your reading will take between half an hour to an hour and will cost you £25.

Most readers advise that you need no more than two readings a year (unless anything significantly changes in your life).

You should walk out feeling empowered, or at least entertained.

What NOT to expect:

100% accuracy. No one has the ability to see your entire future. I can see what may be coming based on your current circumstances, but you can shift gears at any time. You are ALWAYS in control!

Being judged. Even if you are seeing a married man, it’s not up to me to judge you – I am here to help you.

A costume. Not all readers wear “fortune teller” costumes, although I do have some lovely floaty dresses!

Mind reading. No, I can’t read your mind or the thoughts of your ex. (I don’t do parlour tricks, sorry.)

And finally some advice……

When you walk in to any tarot reader’s studio for the first time, try to leave your expectations and stereotypes at the door and come in with an open mind. You may be surprised at how “normal” we are and how wonderfully healing and helpful tarot can be.

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