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This Group is founded by Tamsyn Isgrove, the owner of Tamar Therapies.


I am really passionate about supporting people on their holistic journey to wellness, so I created this group for others, like me, who are asking some of life's serious questions and looking for answers about their well-being, be that spiritually, mentally, energetically, emotionally or physically.

I designed this space for the curious and like minded people who need guidance in all these areas. We discuss topics like healing, mental health, the environment, diet, natural foods and medicine, and of course all things Spiritual.

Come and join this special closed community so we can find the answers together.

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'Sacred Circles' is founded by Tamsyn Isgrove, the owner of Tamar Therapies and Spirit Glow. It was created to bring spiritual teachings to the Community via Sacred Circle Workshops with topics like Witchcraft and Psychic Development.

This is a Closed Group so any posts on here are protected and won't be shown in personal timelines.


This Group is invite only.

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'Tamar Transform Club' is founded by Tamsyn Isgrove, the owner of Tamar Therapies and was created to bring support to all her Weight Loss Clients.

This club is designed for Tamar Therapy Clients in need of guidance and support on their weight loss journeys, a place to share success stories, problems, practical tips such as recipes, exercise routines, and cognitive behavioural tools

This Group is invite only

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'Two Girls Go Gathering' was created by Tamsyn Isgrove and Sharon Shaw as a forum to share information on their mutual passion of plant medicine, foraging for foods and the magical uses of herbs and other plants.

This group is designed for like minded people who are interested in using natures magic to improve their health, diet, and environmental surroundings. We hope to build a community of people who are passionate about Plants and their amazing properties.

Tamar Therapies is also on Instagram follow @tamsisg and my personal blog on Witchcraft is @the_witch_of_mount_pleasant