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Triad Coaching Sessions

If you are feeling the pinch financially (believe me I'm feeling it too!), but you still feel the urge to work on your personal, spiritual and soul development, as well as working to improve your career, relationships, and health.

If you need help in finding your purpose and motivation to completely transform your life into a more authentic and improved version of what you are already living now, how about sharing those costs with two of your friends?


Triad Coaching will be based on three people working together in one session (@ £25 each). This will be weekly sessions (paid weekly, monthly or in full) for a minimum of three months. The session will last for 1 1/2 hours (knowing me a lot longer - cos I can talk!) and will be built specifically around your needs as a Group and individually.

Group coaching is highly beneficial for those people who need others to motivate themselves and help with their accountability. Sometimes it's hard to make changes just by yourself! With these sessions you have your very own cheer-leading team - ready to celebrate your successes and pick you up if and when you stumble.So chat with your friends this week and send me a message here or on 07754475848 so we can book you all in.There will be lots of other benefits too, so let's start April with focus and gratitude that your life is about to get soooo much better!!

1-2-1 Coaching is available upon request also @ £40 per session

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