Past Life Regression

Do you have you any unusual birth marks?  Could this be a scar  from when you were killed in a past life?  Do you want to find out more?  Past Life Regression uses Hypnosis to take the Client back before their current lifetime to understand the issues they have today. 


Learn who you were, where you lived, what you did and how you lived your life.  You will walk away with the knowledge of at least one past life experience.  It can be a very healing and enlightening experience. Regression costs £30 per session. 


Also available via email a Past Life Trance Report, whereby I will go into a Shamanic trance for you and psychically link to your past lives, you will receive a comprehensive report of at least two of these lives @ £20.

If you are interested in the above you may also be interested in finding out who your Spirit Guide or Power Animal is, I am currently offering a thorough report where I will align you with your guides through trance and provide you with details of their names, their role in your life and what message they would like to bring you (amongst many other details!) also for just £20.